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the reports

we have been getting reports from various people all over the world that the free and purchased spells collected from various European, American and Asian sites on the internet are not working for them. therefore they do not see the reason why they should  continue casting spells and that it is a waste of time and money.

do not quit spells ..........

they work !


our spell

the afrikan instant money spell will not be performed for you.you will have to perform it by your self.the spell is not to make you a permanent rich man.this spell is cast to solve immediate money needs and problems.you get the exact money you need to settle your bills and debts.it is a verysimple spell.it is unbeatable.it works well.


the secret

the secret behind this powerful and unfailing spell of instant money will be revealed to you if you want. this secret of fast result spell has been with us in afrikan voodoo magick powers and has not been displayed publicly before....and we are proud to say that you will never regret trying this voodoo money spell.


the rules

you should not order for this spell if you are sick.you should only order and perform it for money need.you cannot perform this spell to get money for health problems.it is the rule as passed to us....the reason  "i do not know" and do not ask.you cannot also spend the money of the result of this spell for what you do not ask or request for during the spell.


your interest

if you are interested in casting this powerful and simple instant money spell with your own words as only three magical words will be sent to you to operate the spell........you should contact the voodoo magician at :

[email protected]



the price

the price of this very powerful spell is

$350 one time !





buy any item from us and have your 

"ancient magical secrets"


these secrets were sold for $200 on our webs before.


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