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love me ring

An extremely powerful ring. Put on any finger and as magnet attracts

iron/metal, so shall your presence fascinates and attracts the opposite sex and would love to be with you in love all the time. (please specify your sex for your

 design)good for both sexes.($250.00) USD


 fire of love ring

Wear this ring, Mention the name of your target  13 times at dawn or at mid-night.the heart of your lover beats 13 times at the call of his or her name. You have set his or her heart on fire of love .he/she would spiritually-magically hear you and shall not have rest until sex(please specify your sex for your design)good for

both sexes.($250.00) USD


come to me girl/man ring.

Wear this ring. Mention his/her name on your kneels. Go straight and shake

hands with him/her. just be courageous and command him/her to follow

you. Make sure you do not talk to anyone on your way to her.-this ring is

very effective if instructions are followed.(please specify your sex for your design)

good for both sexes.($250.00) USD



dream of me ring.

 Wear this ring at a junction in a night of full moon. Mention his/her name as

 you face the moon 3 times. Your target will start to dream of you in love

affairs day and night until you do it with him/her.(please specify your sex for your

design)good for both sexes.($250.00) USD



kiss me now ring

Wear this ring and head to a party ,gathering or a night club. Be

confident and be courageous and approach your mate/any lady. The

feeling of sexual affair would capture, overpower and overshadow

him/her immediately.(please specify your sex for your design)good for both sexes.($300.00) USD.



 love knot ring

wear this ring. Select 2 threads -red your target and white represents

you. Light a red candle. Knot the threads together and burn. Mention the names

of  2 of you and your love wishes/desire as you burn. You have registered/mixed

your destinies together in the spirit world. He/she would not resist you



Internet love searchers can go for this ring. Just know the name, age/birth date and nationality of  your target and say these with your wishes as you burn your destinies on the red candle.


The man/woman must see you whatever the distance between you. If you don't

want marriage please ...do not try this ritual.(please specify your sex for your

 design)good for both sexes.($300.00) USD


stay with me ring (NOW AVAILABLE)

The wearer of this ring would not only capture his/her mate but your mate

 would obey you in all things and would not go until you order/allow him/her to

 go.(please specify your sex for your design)good for both sexes.($300.00) USD

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